Visiting the Spa



Check In

We kindly request clients check in at our hair salon and reception at the front of the Prestige Hotel to the left of the double doors, a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the start of their first scheduled treatment to allow for registration and relaxation.

Our treatments begin promptly as scheduled. In the case of a late arrival your treatment time may be shortened
at the full service price.

To ensure a comprehensive, thorough and beneficial treatment, it is essential that our team is aware of your current physical condition. All guests are asked to complete a
medical history form on arrival.

Hot Tub and Pool

Clients wishing to enjoy the hot tub and pool prior to their treatment must sign out a key card at the hotel front desk at least 45 minutes prior to their appointment start time. Clients must still check in with the spa at least
15 minutes prior to their service.

Quiet Environment

We ask that clients turn off their cell phones and refrain from loud conversation to ensure a relaxing environment for all guests.

Cancellation or Changes

A valid Visa or Mastercard is required to confirm all appointments. To cancel or adjust treatments a minimum 24 hours notice is required to avoid being charged in full.

Gratuities and Taxes

Gratuities and taxes are in addition to spa treatment prices. If you desire to recognize an exceptional service, a gratuity may be added to your spa service charge upon checkout.

Health Benefits

For clients planning to claim their treatment under extended health benefits please check with us prior to booking as insurance company requirements vary. Please note
that we cannot guarantee coverage.


We ask that children do not accompany clients to the spa to optimize the spa experience for all of our guests.


*Please note that all listed prices are subject to change without notice.

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