Balancing Treatments

Create balance and well being.

Lomilomi (Also listed in our massage service list)
Traditional Hawaiian healing modality incorporating light touch in gentle flowing movements to re-align the body, mind and spirit.Essential oils are always included with this treatment to enhance your experience. Also described as energy work with touch, very gentle and light pressure.
30 min – $59
60 min – $99
90 min – $149

Application of more than 20 different essential oils to Spine, back and feet to reduce stress and inflammation in the body, boost the immune system and encourage homeostasis. (can not be considered a massage)
30 min – $59
60 min – $99

Energy healing technique using a light touch that promotes a deep state of relaxation and helps create balance and well-being of the body, mind and spirit.
This treatment is done fully clothed.
30 min – $49
60 min – $89
90 min – $139

Aromatherapy Consultation
Meet with your aromatherapist to address your specific needs including how you are feeling physically, emotionally and psychologically. Together you will craft a customized synergy for you to take home. Cost of take home product not included in price and dependant on the oils selected. Choose from Massage Oil, Roll on, Bath salts or Diffuser Blend.
45 min – $89




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